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35 Interview Questions 30-Somethings Should Be Prepared to Answer

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Their thirties is a power-decade for many professionals. The experience they garner throughout their twenties can refine their skills, judgment, confidence, and professionalism as they mature into their 30’s. Successful pros at this stage are inclined to possess an informed self-awareness; they tend to be tuned into their strengths, challenges, and goals.

It’s an exciting decade for professional growth. But with more ambition comes higher stakes. Heather Mercier, CFO and Head of Talent, with Experticity explains that to impress hiring managers at this level, a candidate needs to demonstrate “The ability to be a strategic thinker and influence across multiple departments.” Read more


10 Smart Strategies to Ace Your Job Interview

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As a psychotherapist and performance coach to executives, I’m in a unique position to help clients develop smart strategies for winning job interviews and to understand what’s going on in their heads and what’s holding them back. The difference between being called back for a second interview or rejected is well within your control and lies in how you present yourself. So whether you’re a recent graduate, a high-level executive, or any other type of contender for a job, know that fear and uncertainty underlie most interview anxieties. It’s so important to approach every new interview with optimal confidence and smart strategies. Here’s how to do that. Read more


How To Use LinkedIn To Get Multiple Job Offers

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Most job seekers follow what could generously be called the black hole strategy. They “update” their resume, trawl every job board available, and just start shooting out copies of their resume everywhere they can. Day after day, they send out dozens of resumes, so many that when a recruiter does call them, the job seeker can’t even remember what company they’re talking about.

Many people stay unemployed for years, robotically spamming out resumes day in and day out and never even considering that they might be doing something wrong. More commonly though, job seekers with at least some valuable skills will simply broaden their search and lower their standards until they get a job. It won’t be the job they want, it won’t pay very well, and it may not offer much in the way of future opportunities, but they simply won’t have a choice.

Thankfully, there’s a better way. Read more


Before the Job Interview, Do Your Homework

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Q. You’ve just graduated from college and are entering a tough job market. What kind of interview preparation will help you stand out?

A. Research the company and the industry, says Adrien Fraise, founder of Modern Guild, which provides online career coaching to college students and high school seniors. Read more


6 Ways To Show Your Interviewer That You Really Want The Job

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Do you have an interview coming up for a job that you really want? Are you eager to make it clear to the interviewer that you’re not keen just to get any job, but that you want this job? Are you wondering how best to get this across in the interview, without coming across as desperate?

You’re absolutely right to plan this in advance because it really is critical to your success. Read more


5 Ways to Impress Your Job Interviewer In the First 90 Seconds

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You finally snagged an interview for your dream job, so obviously you’ve studied the company, and you can talk for days about why you’d be a perfect fit. But it turns out that 33 percent of bosses will determine whether they’re going to hire you within the first 90 seconds of meeting you, according to a survey by Come Recommended, a content marketing and digital PR consultancy for job search and HR technologies. Want to ace the interview? Here are the five top tips from the pros. Read more


5 Super Sneaky Illegal Interview Questions and How to Answer

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They say that you have to write 100 resumes just to get one interview. So what happens when you finally land one? With any luck, you’ll be blowing them out of the water. After all, it’s been going great. You’re building rapport, crafting a strong narrative for your years of experience and the hiring manager’s head seems to be nodding in tune with your responses. You’ve been thrown a couple of softballs to get warmed up and a couple of tricks ones to show how you think on your feet.

And then, all of a sudden, you get thrown a pitch from left field: that’s a nice engagement ring, comments your interviewer. Are you getting married this year? If alarm bells aren’t sounding in your mind already, they should be – this was a classic example of a no-so-innocent, seemingly-benign, and entirely illegal interview question. Read more


29 Tough Job Interview Questions and Answers

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How to Answer Some of the Toughest Questions to Get the Job

There are the basic interview questions that almost every hiring manager asks. There are also interview questions that are more of a challenge to answer. These tougher questions give the interviewer a deeper sense of who you are and whether you’re a good fit for the company.

Some are trick questions and others are designed to put you on the spot to see how you react. There are also those that don’t have a right or wrong answer.

With those, how you respond is as important as what you say when you answer. Read more


The Ultimate Interview Guide: 30 Prep Tips for Job Interview Success

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Preparing for an interview takes a lot more than Googling a list of common interview questions. You have to make a great first impression appearance-wise (no wrinkly suits here!), have a great knowledge of your target company and its product, and, of course, know exactly how to convey that you’re the perfect fit for the job.

So to help you get prepared, we compiled a list of our all-time best pre-interview tips. From strategizing about how to tackle the toughest questions to packing your purse or briefcase, we’ve got you covered – with 30 ways to make sure you bring your A-game. Read more


Job Interview Question: What Interests You About This Job?

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There are a few general interview questions that you are likely to be asked, regardless of what job you are interviewing for. One question you will often be asked is, “What interests you about this job?” The interviewer will want to see that you know quite a bit about the job, what the key requirements are, what skills will help you to excel, and how your experience matches up with those expectations. Read more