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Moving On: How To Quit Your Job With Grace

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You’ve finally decided to quit your job — congratulations!

Maybe you landed a great new gig and you’re moving on to greener pastures. Or, maybe you hate your boss and — let’s be honest — can’t wait to stick it to him with your two weeks’ notice.

But whatever the situation, quitting your job can be awkward and uncomfortable — and if you don’t have a clear plan of action, you might end up burning bridges and sacrificing valuable references down the road. Read more


Help! I’m Stuck At A Job I Hate.

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Dear Fran,

I’m about three months into my first professional job in the “real world.” Coming straight from grad school (which I embarked upon immediately after my undergrad), I can’t help but feel incredibly stifled and disappointed by what it’s like to sit in one office all week and do the same tasks month after month.

This isn’t my dream job (I plan on going back for my PhD in a few years), and I’m grateful to be employed at all right now, but how can I overcome this general sense of boredom and feelings of detachment from the world of the working?

Disillusioned 9-to-5er Read more


5 Tips to Acing Your Phone Interview

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Fantastic resume submitted.


Now, get ready for the phone to ring! Acing the first contact from a recruiter or hiring manager is just as important as the in-person interview. Here are five easy steps to make sure you shine. Read more


7 Interview Red Flags To Watch Out For This Year

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These days, job candidates are bringing their A-game to interviews. They’re prepared, well-researched, confident and sure that this is the job for them. However, we’ve all been in interviews where the recruiter or hiring manager was too busy to give you the interview you deserve. You know the type: rushed, disinterested, and simply “dialing it in.”

Before you walk away from another interview wondering, “Was I really that bad?” consider the alternative. You may not have recognized the red flags during the interview. Read more


4 Truths About Company Culture From 2 Experts

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Culture cannot be ignored, hoped for, or passively addressed. It must be proactively managed, encouraged and supported. Read more


5 Tips To Researching A Company’s Culture

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What’s the adage? Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life? Not if you don’t fit in with the company culture.

With two-thirds of HR managers in OfficeTeam’s March 2015 survey citing cultural fit as a reason for losing employees, the adage should read something like: “Find a company you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Clearly, how you fit into a company’s culture and work environment is an important part of being happy and engaged at work, but how do you find a company you love? Where can you find out about a company’s culture before you take the job? Read more


7 Body Language Mistakes That Make A Horrible First Impression

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Did you know that looking a person directly in the eye is intimidating? Or that if you are introverted you could be sending the wrong message to your boss about your confidence and capabilities? According to body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass, how you carry yourself can drastically impact a first impression at work.

“Introvert and extroverts need to be mindful of their body language to make a good impression,” says Dr. Glass. “You have to convey that you’re confident, that you’re an open person and that you’re the type of person that someone wants to work with or do business with.”

Facial expressions, body language, and linguistics can be bigger indicators of your abilities as an employee than your work product. In other words, no matter how great your results or final project may be, the cues you are giving through your body language and disposition can undermine your success, and influence your chances for promotion, a raise, and even career growth. Read more


Pro Presentation Tips: 7 Secrets To Winning The Room

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You’ve done the work, you’ve put in your time, you know your stuff — but before you open your mouth to give the presentation you’ve prepared so intently, you’ve been judged.

It’s human nature: Our brains are wired to take in all available information and draw instant conclusions. Which means that everything you do — how you walk into a room, carry yourself, and use gestures — makes an impression that has nothing to do with what you actually know. Read more


How Recruiters Can Help Your Job Hunt

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When you’re deep in the midst of your job search, it’s easy to feel like you’re on your own – just you and your resume, against the millions of other job-seekers.

But you actually have an ally out there: Recruiters. Some recruiters work with hiring managers at companies, others work as headhunters at a third-party firm — but their goal is the same: to fill an open position with the right person.

And if they think you’re that person, they can be a huge help in getting your resume to the top of the hiring manager’s pile. Read more


What to Look for When Researching a Company: A Complete Checklist

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Researching a company is like researching a new city. It has its own unique history, quirks, and culture. And there’s probably more info about it available than you have time to sift through. With so many criteria to judge from, what are the most important? We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of everything you need to look for when you’re researching a company — with tips on how to find the information, as well. Get ready, get set, go research! Read more