15 Tips for the 50+ Job Hunter

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If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are known as a Baby Boomer and you are somewhere between 46 and 64. In my practice, I work with a multi-generational client base, including many Boomers.

If you are 25, 35, 45, 56, 64, 74, or 84, in my opinion, you are not too old to find w – o – r – k or a j – o – b as long as you have:

* the drive to do so;
* the will to want to;
* and the guts and the grit to go fishing in a competitive, global, turbulent, and ever-evolving pond!

And should you elect to cast your line into X, Y, or Z waters, perhaps you will check your tackle box for the right bait:

  1. Passion! Let others see it, hear it, feel it, get it, notice it, enjoy it!
  2. Energy!Act like you have some and lots of it! Do not yawn during interviews or tell people how tired you are or that you are exhausted.
  3. Enthusiasm! Bring it, show it, offer it, deliver it!
  4. Let It Go! Don’t look back at what didn’t go your way; instead, today is a new day.
  5. Think differently! Instead of thinking about your age and how ‘old’ you are, why not reconsider that you’re ‘still above ground’ and that you have an immense body of talent to share!
  6. Engage! Connect with purpose and intention; add an abundance of the above numbers 1, 2, 3 into conversation to keep the listener listening!
  7. Attire/Appearance! Dress professionally, appropriately and well for the job you want. Maybe it’s time for that makeover you’ve been thinking about!
  8. Attitude! While you cannot control your age, you can control your attitude; how will the employer gauge yours?
  9. Language! Carefully select the best words to deliver the message you wish to convey about yourself, your brand. Figure this out ahead of time so you have specific ideas of what you would like to share about yourself in support of the j – o – b you would like.
  10. Technology! Instead of saying ‘something a bird does’ if you’re asked about a ‘tweet’, educate yourself about social media and its impact on job search. Do not take yourself out of the game because of technology — you are never too old or too young to learn!
  11. Partner/Collaborate. Learn from all ages of people. Regardless of your generation, learning is learning.
  12. Volunteer! Whether you’re employed or unemployed and 22 or 82, helping others and serving others knows no age.
  13. Experiment! Try something new; try something different; take a calculated risk and see what you learn; see where it takes you!
  14. Keep dreaming! Dreaming doesn’t stop because you turn ___ (fill in age), unless you let it! Whether you are 22 or 73, build a bucket list and start doing!
  15. Stay active! As long as you are able, stay active always and in all ways!

Consider the wisdom of George Eliot: “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

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