How To Select An Executive Resume Writer

You’ll need to carefully look over the many executive resume services to ensure success.

A powerfully branded executive resume opens the right doors for your career! Among the hallmarks of a top-notch executive resume writing service will be executive resume writing samples that reflect a career marketing strategy and executive brand message.

A resume expert who offers real-world perspective as a hiring manager, recruiter, or job hunter (combined with professional training) also represents the best executive resume writer for your leadership career.

Be sure to view my credentials as an exemplary, award-winning executive resume writer in your comparison.

  1. Use a certified resume writer. There are several certifications, but the most prestigious is the NCRW. Only 44 resume professionals have earned this certification nationwide. Certification is one of your assurances that the writer you select is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and will deliver a superior product.
  2. Speak with the person who will actually be writing your resume. The person who sells you their services may not actually write your resume. You want to work closely with the actual writer, not a subcontractor whose qualifications are unknown to you or whose style doesn’t fit your personality.
  3. Make sure you understand what the writer will do to revise your existing resume or the strategy they will use to develop one from scratch. The writer needs to understand your background and be able to provide the right strategy to meet your goals. Remember, it’s your career.
  4. What is the process used to gather information? Is the writer going to interview you or just give you a form to fill out? If the writer insists on using a form, you may only get back what you provided in different words. Make sure the writer will provide an in-depth interview with you to search for additional information and ways to present your background to your best advantage. Accomplishments do sell. A good resume writer knows how to pull them out of you.
  5. Editing. Will you have a chance to make changes and provide input after the resume writer presents the first draft? This is very important – the writer should be open to your thoughts. Changes are almost always required, even minor ones. Insist on this!
  6. What others services, tools, and certifications should the professional writer offer? Professional career service providers are often certified in career coaching and job transition. They will also be able to provide cover letters, resume distribution to recruiters and companies, career portfolios, and interview training.
  7. What is the turnaround time? Typical turnaround time will vary from writer to writer, but expect a successful resume writer to be in demand. One to two weeks is normal.
  8. Do I have to meet with the writer personally? No, it has become an everyday occurrence to work with resume professionals by phone, transferring documents via Internet and fax.
  9. How much will it cost? Superior resumes take expertise and time to develop. Fees will vary depending on your years of experience, numbers of jobs, and position level. Executives can expect to pay more than mid-tier managers or recent college grads.


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