Be Good to People at Work: It’s Not that Hard to Do.

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I enjoy receiving LinkedIn’s #DailyRunDown as there are a variety of topics mentioned and there are always one or two that catch my eye. Just the other day on August 5th, the subjects covered everything from, Why Aren’t Americans Moving? To Why Being Nice at Work Pays Off.

The reference to being, “Nice at Work” struck a chord with me since I have heard many stories, pro and con, about how people feel they are treated at work sometimes. I’m sure we also all have our own personal stories from the companies where we have worked and colleagues who we have interacted with.

I think being nice to people at work also ties in with corporate culture, the skills with or lack thereof for emotional intelligence, and the basic ability for having empathy for others when they need our support. Read more


5 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression

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Over the course of my career, I’ve seen a broad spectrum of career successes. (And, well, failures.) And I’ve thought a lot about the causes of those outcomes. Why do some succeed faster than others? Why do some get opportunities and others don’t? Why do some get stuck in their careers?

The answer, I’ve found, to all of these questions is making a lasting impression. If you consistently make a positive, memorable impact on your boss, your co-workers and even your employees, you’ll increase your chances of getting hand-picked for the best opportunities when they come knocking, paving your way to career success. Read more


Introvert Leadership: Five Reasons You Might Fear Career Change and What To Do About It

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You’re a leader, right? Doesn’t that mean you’re fearless?

Maybe on some things but the prospect of changing careers has stopped you cold. You probably don’t admit this to very many people.

Is this you?

It would seem we are more comfortable seeking divorce from our spouse than divorce from our job. The divorce rate is much higher than voluntary turnover (when you leave by your own choice).

If this is the year you are finally going to make this important, life changing decision, here are some reasons for your fear and what to do about it. You don’t have to wait any longer. Read more


Overcoming Introverted Tendencies that Might Limit Your Leadership Growth

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When I openly discuss Introverted Leadership, it gets a lot of reaction. The one that interests me the most is when people don’t know for sure they are an introvert. All they know is that they face daily challenges that come from their own tendencies.

Are you facing challenges due to your own behavior?

My view on this is that it doesn’t really matter if you are an “official” introvert as measured by the Meyers-Briggs assessment. What matters is that if you are faced with some introverted tendencies (which we all have at times) – do they get in your way of achieving your goals? Read more


5 Best-Practice LinkedIn Strategies for Executives

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Cautiously considering upgrading your presence on LinkedIn – either for an executive search or to build your personal brand?

You’ll need to consider LinkedIn strategies that differ substantially from that of mid-career professionals. Read more


Older, Unemployed, and Landing the Job

I was laid off four times in my career before I turned 50. But when it happened again two years ago, I had just turned 59. Getting laid off at that age is a different ballgame. I knew I could bring value to a company, but in moments of frustration during the job hunt, I wondered how long it would take to find another job, and there was always the chance I wouldn’t be able to find one. Read more


Career Management – How to Create Mini-Celebrity Status in Your Industry

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Why is it important for you to care about creating mini celebrity status and becoming a thought leader when it comes to your career? Simply because self-marketing in your area of expertise can have multiple career benefits for you including:

  1. Potential exposure to future “dream” positions – they contact YOU!
  2. More quality opportunities, better pay and quicker promotions.
  3. Establishment as an expert in your industry.
  4. Wider networks.
  5. Greater ability to garner positive references and testimonials.
  6. More control over who you work with and how you work.

Different benefits will stand out as meaningful to different people. The real point is, managing your career gives you options… options you may not have had otherwise. Read more


Executives BEWARE: There’s No Margin for Error

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You’re a seasoned professional and it has been at least 3 years since you needed to look for a new position, and the last time you changed jobs you were either recruited for the position or referred by someone you know.

Fast forward to the present; you’re unemployed, recruiters are not returning your phone calls, and today many of the people who recommended you for jobs in the past are your direct competition.

Sound familiar? Read more


Is There a Pulse in the CFO Market?

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The demand for finance-executive talent is slowly reviving.

After more than a year of dormancy, the job market for finance executives is showing signs of life. “The market is definitely coming back,” says E. Peter McLean, chairman of the financial officers practice at Korn Ferry International. “There are a good number of high-level, big positions in the market that weren’t around last year.” Walter Williams, a finance recruiter at Amrop Battalia Winston, says his firm won more assignments in March than in any other month going back more than a year. Read more


CEOs: VC-backed Tech Firm Sector on Road to Recovery

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Business Week’s CEO Guide to the Tech-Job Outlook raises hopes for an industry turnaround by 2010, with senior executives reporting that hiring at small, VC-funded firms is increasing. Read more