5 Ways to Make Sure Your Boss Knows Just How Awesome You Are

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Signed a huge client? Check. Trained six new employees? Check. Hit your monthly sales quota in a week? Done and done.

You might have a list of career accomplishments a mile long. But if you’re the only one with access to that list — and no one else understands the extent of your contributions or the impact they’re having on the organization — you’ll be standing behind the door when the raises are handed out. Read more


10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You

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While transparency in the workplace is all the rage, there are still a few things that your boss or manager may not reveal to you in a one-on-one conversation or meeting. And that’s no real surprise, right? When you think of “things your boss won’t tell you,” employees’ minds may instantly jump to big announcements and corporate secrets. However, there are some tidbits that won’t make front-page news, but that a boss still won’t tell you.

Don’t believe us?! We asked a few managers and directors to dish on the sentences they’d almost never utter to their teams. Read more


Be Good to People at Work: It’s Not that Hard to Do.

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I enjoy receiving LinkedIn’s #DailyRunDown as there are a variety of topics mentioned and there are always one or two that catch my eye. Just the other day on August 5th, the subjects covered everything from, Why Aren’t Americans Moving? To Why Being Nice at Work Pays Off.

The reference to being, “Nice at Work” struck a chord with me since I have heard many stories, pro and con, about how people feel they are treated at work sometimes. I’m sure we also all have our own personal stories from the companies where we have worked and colleagues who we have interacted with.

I think being nice to people at work also ties in with corporate culture, the skills with or lack thereof for emotional intelligence, and the basic ability for having empathy for others when they need our support. Read more


5 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression

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Over the course of my career, I’ve seen a broad spectrum of career successes. (And, well, failures.) And I’ve thought a lot about the causes of those outcomes. Why do some succeed faster than others? Why do some get opportunities and others don’t? Why do some get stuck in their careers?

The answer, I’ve found, to all of these questions is making a lasting impression. If you consistently make a positive, memorable impact on your boss, your co-workers and even your employees, you’ll increase your chances of getting hand-picked for the best opportunities when they come knocking, paving your way to career success. Read more


Want a Promotion? Make These 10 Moves All-But-Guaranteed to Get You One.

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Getting a promotion takes time – plus a plethora of skill and abilities and the right attitude, of course. But just because you may not be able to snag yourself a new title tomorrow doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working today to show you’re the right gal for the job.

Why? As Karen Elizaga, executive coach and author of Find Your Sweet Spot, explains, “when you are making these promotion-worthy moves, whether motivated solely by the potential to move up, or simply to do the best job, people are watching. At this level, your superiors and even your peers know that they can rely on you, and you stand out from the rest.” Read more


Don’t Leave Your Performance Review Without Asking This One Question

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Make sure you have this answer by the time you get back to your desk.

When you’re heading into your performance review, you probably come armed with a few questions. (“What am I doing well?”, “Is there anything I could do better?”, “Will I get a raise?”, etc.) It can be nerve-wracking – especially if it’s your first time getting feedback from a work superior. But one surefire way of conquering the review? Know that the transaction is surprisingly tricky for your manager, too. Read more


Everything You Need to Know About Managing Millennials

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Millennials are now America’s biggest generation — isn’t it time we started paying more attention to the way we manage them? According to information collected by the US Census Bureau, millennials, who are categorized as being born between 1982 and 2000, now exceed 83 million, outnumbering baby boomers by more than 13 million. Read more


How Being a Rebel at Work Can Boost Your Career

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Imagine you’re a thirtyish mid-level employee at one of the world’s largest companies, and your billionaire CEO has made a decision you don’t support. What do you do?

For most people, the answer is not what sales and distribution manager Donna Dubinsky did in 1985: issue a challenge to the CEO — in this case, Apple’s Steve Jobs.

To cut costs, Jobs planned to eliminate Apple’s warehouses and inventory and adopt a system of “just in time” computer assembly. But Dubinsky saw big problems with the idea and gave her bosses an ultimatum: She wanted 30 days to develop an alternate plan, or she would quit. Taking a stand paid off for Dubinsky, in large part because she proved she had the company’s best interests at heart. Her proposal to revamp distribution was accepted — and she got a promotion. Read more


12 Things Successful People Do On Friday Afternoons

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Start your weekend off right.

How you end your workweek will not only have a huge impact on how productive you are the following week, but also may determine how relaxed you are over the weekend. Read more


9 Things HR Won’t Tell You

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What does HR not have a hand in? They manage hiring and layoffs, contracts, health insurance plans, and retirement accounts, and they also have a hand in the day-to-day details of employee satisfaction and experience. As an employee, HR can be an invaluable resource. At the same time, certain information isn’t able to be shared – unless they have to. Know what things HR might not be disclosing to you, so you can know what types of questions to ask them, or find the answers through other channels. Read more