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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Boss Knows Just How Awesome You Are

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Signed a huge client? Check. Trained six new employees? Check. Hit your monthly sales quota in a week? Done and done.

You might have a list of career accomplishments a mile long. But if you’re the only one with access to that list — and no one else understands the extent of your contributions or the impact they’re having on the organization — you’ll be standing behind the door when the raises are handed out. Read more


Could These Social Media Gaffes Cost You Your Job Hunt?

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Social media can be dangerous to your career if not used wisely. We know it, employers know it – hell, even Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges it. Every day, we hear stories of people fired, people hired and people’s lives ruined because of a stupid tweet or thoughtless comment.

The problem is, the things a person shares online quickly become their personal brand – and this includes the bad as well as the good. Read more


7 LinkedIn Rules That Will Make You an Online Networking Master

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LinkedIn has evolved to become one the most important and most prevalent resources for professional networking available. Used by more than 313 million people on an international scale, it’s no wonder why the social network has, for many professional networkers, replaced traditional forms of meeting and socializing.

Whether you network for job opportunities, sales prospects, or just overall experience, it’s true that LinkedIn can enhance your efforts — but it’s important to acknowledge a few considerations about the platform before you get too deep in your strategy. Read more


How to Create a Personal Branding Plan in 30 Minutes (Even if You Hate “Personal Branding”)

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You’re ready to make a career move — maybe you’re looking for a new job, launching a side business, or eyeing a promotion. In all of these instances, boosting your personal brand can help you achieve your goal.

That’s because a strong personal brand is a carefully designed message that’s compelling and attracts the right people. It helps you stand out for who you are and what you do best.

You’re probably nodding along, because you already know all of this. You don’t need to be convinced how valuable personal branding is: What’s holding you back is the time commitment. Read more


Investing in Me, Inc.

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Create a business plan for yourself, and make your career your life’s work.

Author and career consultant Ronna Lichtenberg believes that by taking a day to think about the way you earn your living, you can make a huge difference in making your job more fulfilling. Ronna recently led a career seminar for a group of women looking to get more out of their work. Whether you work for an employer or yourself, in a major corporation or behind the counter in a coffee shop, you’re the CEO of your career. The tools any CEO needs are the same ones the rest of us need. Read more


The Absolute Best Way to Figure Out Your Personal Brand

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If you’ve ever tried to develop your personal brand from scratch, you know that it’s an overwhelming process, to say the least. Where do you start? What should you include? What does “personal brand” really even mean? Read more


Personal Branding Basics

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To me PERSONAL BRANDING is how you differentiate yourself from your competition and let people know how special you are.

So here are a few ways to establish a personal brand on your resume, online and in person. Read more


Discover the Brand in You

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Many people have questioned the need for personal branding. Is it worth all the effort? Is it only for celebrities? How does it relate to the job search? When we analyze the use of branding by public figures and corporations, it is evident that they successfully manage to appeal to us by developing an ongoing relationship with us. They become experts in their fields as they’ve been able to associate themselves with human needs and wants by utilizing media strategies. Read more