Here’s How to Get an Influencer to Notice You in the Next 5 Minutes

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Seconds after I added a well-known writer to my “Journalists I Admire” Twitter list, a little blue notification popped up.

[Well-known writer] followed you.

Soon after, I direct-messaged him to ask for writing advice. Our conversation moved from Twitter to email, and now he’s agreed to meet me for an informational interview when I arrive in NYC this summer.

Score. Read more


Have You Ever Googled Yourself? Here’s Why You Should

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Googling yourself may seem self-indulgent. But with more than one-quarter of Americans — and one-third of millennials — believing their online first impression is more important than their in-person introduction, you can start to see the appeal of grooming your Google results. Yet despite knowing just how important our own search results may be, a new survey by Domain.ME has found more than half of people don’t monitor what’s said about them online. Read more


10 Facebook and Twitter Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Job

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Protect Your Reputation

You probably know all the ways social media can help you professionally. You can demonstrate your expertise on a topic using Twitter, network your way to a new job using LinkedIn, and keep old connections fresh on Facebook.

But social media can also have a darker side. Read more


Social media background checks? “I’m Not a Fan”

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“Social media background checks are a hot item,” says attorney Kevin McCormick, “but I’m not a fan.”

Sneaky, Low, Invasive

Furthermore, social sleuthing smacks of “Sneaky,” “Low,” and “Invasion,” says McCormick. Read more


Clean it Up: How to Fix Your Online Image

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Sometimes our lives become so hectic that we don’t think before we make our next move, especially when it comes to the Internet. However, in one swift movement, our online image can be tarnished just by a few posts. What’s worse, it takes longer to win back the trust of your followers or even gain the confidence of a recruiter or hiring manger than it does to tear it down.

So, take some time to clean up your online image, even if you believe it’s spotless. Read more


Discover the Brand in You

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Many people have questioned the need for personal branding. Is it worth all the effort? Is it only for celebrities? How does it relate to the job search? When we analyze the use of branding by public figures and corporations, it is evident that they successfully manage to appeal to us by developing an ongoing relationship with us. They become experts in their fields as they’ve been able to associate themselves with human needs and wants by utilizing media strategies. Read more


How LinkedIn Will Fire Up Your Career

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If you need a job, or just want a better one, here’s a number that will give you hope: 50,000. That’s how many people the giant consulting firm Accenture plans to hire this year. Yes, actual jobs, with pay. It’s looking for telecom consultants, finance experts, software specialists, and many more. You could be one of them — but will Accenture find you?

To pick these hires the old-fashioned way, the firm would rely on headhunters, employee referrals, and job boards. But the game has changed. To get the attention of John Campagnino, Accenture’s head of global recruiting, you’d better be on the web.

To put a sharper point on it: If you don’t have a profile on LinkedIn, you’re nowhere. Partly motivated by the cheaper, faster recruiting he can do online, Campagnino plans to make as many as 40% of his hires in the next few years through social media. Says he: “This is the future of recruiting for our company.” Read more