Moving On: How To Quit Your Job With Grace

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You’ve finally decided to quit your job — congratulations!

Maybe you landed a great new gig and you’re moving on to greener pastures. Or, maybe you hate your boss and — let’s be honest — can’t wait to stick it to him with your two weeks’ notice.

But whatever the situation, quitting your job can be awkward and uncomfortable — and if you don’t have a clear plan of action, you might end up burning bridges and sacrificing valuable references down the road. Read more


How To Use LinkedIn To Get Multiple Job Offers

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Most job seekers follow what could generously be called the black hole strategy. They “update” their resume, trawl every job board available, and just start shooting out copies of their resume everywhere they can. Day after day, they send out dozens of resumes, so many that when a recruiter does call them, the job seeker can’t even remember what company they’re talking about.

Many people stay unemployed for years, robotically spamming out resumes day in and day out and never even considering that they might be doing something wrong. More commonly though, job seekers with at least some valuable skills will simply broaden their search and lower their standards until they get a job. It won’t be the job they want, it won’t pay very well, and it may not offer much in the way of future opportunities, but they simply won’t have a choice.

Thankfully, there’s a better way. Read more


No Means No? What to Do When You Don’t Get the Job.

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It’s a great day in anyone’s job search: A recruiter calls with a new job opening. You hear the details and get excited – it’s sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for! You go to the interview, hit a home run, and leave the building feeling pretty confident that you’ll hear from them soon.

Two days later, you do – and you hear that they’ve chosen another candidate. Wait, what? Read more


How and When to Follow Up During Your Job Search

Every job seeker on the planet has experienced the agony of waiting to hear – about a job, an interview, a key contact, a next step in the selection process. These guidelines will help you minimize the waiting without antagonizing your contacts. Read more


Why Most People Quit Their Jobs

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Feeling stuck?

We’ve all heard sad stories of people quitting jobs to get away from gruesome bosses, unreasonable work hours, or places with weird smells, but in truth, the reasons people quit are often less dramatic – and more positive – than those horror stories might lead us to believe. A recent LinkedIn survey of over 10,000 people around the world found the reasons people quit are pretty universal. Read more


Reasons Not to Give Two Weeks Notice

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Under normal circumstances, giving two weeks notice is standard practice. However, I often hear from employees who are working under very difficult circumstances or just started a job and know it isn’t going to work out and aren’t sure what to do.

Should they stick it out for another couple of weeks or are there times when you can give less than two weeks notice or no notice at all? Read more


How to Survive an Endless Job Hunt Without Losing It

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Telling you that it’s “tough out there” is a bit like saying the sun’s hot or that the Kardashians love attention—it’s self-evident, particularly if you’ve been hunting for a job and are tired of the endless rounds of leads and interviews that never seem to go anywhere.

Like Elmer Fudd tracking Bugs Bunny or Wile E. Coyote chasing down that sneaky Road Runner, always being the pursuer and never getting your mitts on the prize is pretty exhausting. How do you keep going in the face of constant rejection? Read more


Take a Job or Build a Career?

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From time to time I have a question come from job seekers along the lines of…

If I take this job, how will it look on my resume for the next time around?

It’s certainly a valid question to ask… but one that usually has no easy answer! Read more


How I Landed 15 Job Interviews in 30 Minutes

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At 20, I was gaining valuable experience and building my portfolio, which was going well until my father said “No more unpaid internships.”

In other words, I needed a job – and fast. Read more


Job Search Myths Debunked

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I have been involved in the Career Services field in various capacities for the past 3 decades and I can tell you that there are a great many myths out there that are just that – myths – an idea that is believed by many people but that is not true. Read more