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The Best Job For Everyone Else

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Early on in my senior year of college, I took a look around me. 90% of the smart, talented people I knew were clamoring for consulting jobs. Being a consultant meant advising the nation’s top companies on business strategy and receiving a generous salary, a bonus, and a future filled with glamorous cocktail parties and networking events.

I, being an English major, had never given much thought to consulting, but I figured, “If everyone wants this job, it has to be great, right?” The fact that I had never independently been interested in business was unimportant. I became filled with a frantic desire to land one of those coveted, prestigious jobs. Read more


4 Ways To Score A Great Salary At Your First Job

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Finding your first full-time job is a heck of a lot of work — after all of the research you do, applications you fill out, and interviews you prep for, it can be tempting to rush through an acceptance once you’ve been offered a position. But signing the dotted line on an offer letter without hesitation is a decision that can haunt you for years down the road. Not only do you miss out on a lower base pay now — subsequent pay raises are often based on a percentage of your annual salary, so the cash you’re missing out on only compounds. Similarly, settling on a lower initial salary might discourage you from asking for more later down the road or at your next position.

So even (and perhaps especially) if you’re fresh out of college, you should put the work in now to ensure that you earn what you deserve. Read more


Help! I’m Stuck At A Job I Hate.

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Dear Fran,

I’m about three months into my first professional job in the “real world.” Coming straight from grad school (which I embarked upon immediately after my undergrad), I can’t help but feel incredibly stifled and disappointed by what it’s like to sit in one office all week and do the same tasks month after month.

This isn’t my dream job (I plan on going back for my PhD in a few years), and I’m grateful to be employed at all right now, but how can I overcome this general sense of boredom and feelings of detachment from the world of the working?

Disillusioned 9-to-5er Read more


What to Look for in a First Job

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You’re finishing up your final year in school, and it’s time to start considering your next move: your first job on the path to what’s sure to be a wildly successful career.

You probably know about the parent-approved must-haves: good salary, medical benefits, 401(k) matching. But what else should you keep in mind as you’re choosing that first position? Read more


Former Interns Tell How They Landed a First Job

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In recent years, internships have gone from nice-to-have-on-a-resume to absolutely critical. Employers today go on to hire about 50 percent of their interns as full-time workers, according to the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University. And the share is growing every year in industries like construction, consulting, accounting and scientific services.

This new emphasis has upended the traditional recruiting calendar on campuses nationwide. With more companies drawing from their intern pools, recruiters have shifted their attention from hiring soon-to-graduate seniors to scoping out juniors, even as early as the fall term, for summer internships. Postings for internships now make up a significant proportion of the overall entry-level job openings in engineering, graphic design, communications, marketing and information technology, according to Burning Glass Technologies, a data analytics company that studies the job market. Read more


10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You

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While transparency in the workplace is all the rage, there are still a few things that your boss or manager may not reveal to you in a one-on-one conversation or meeting. And that’s no real surprise, right? When you think of “things your boss won’t tell you,” employees’ minds may instantly jump to big announcements and corporate secrets. However, there are some tidbits that won’t make front-page news, but that a boss still won’t tell you.

Don’t believe us?! We asked a few managers and directors to dish on the sentences they’d almost never utter to their teams. Read more


Everything You Need to Know About Managing Millennials

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Millennials are now America’s biggest generation — isn’t it time we started paying more attention to the way we manage them? According to information collected by the US Census Bureau, millennials, who are categorized as being born between 1982 and 2000, now exceed 83 million, outnumbering baby boomers by more than 13 million. Read more


Before the Job Interview, Do Your Homework

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Q. You’ve just graduated from college and are entering a tough job market. What kind of interview preparation will help you stand out?

A. Research the company and the industry, says Adrien Fraise, founder of Modern Guild, which provides online career coaching to college students and high school seniors. Read more


5 Skills That Will Impress Every Hiring Manager

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Whether you’re in college and starting to think about your career path or considering a career change to a new field, you might be asking yourself, “What do I want to be?”

But a more important question to think about may be: “Am I marketable to a variety of positions?” Read more


Is Job-Hopping A Career Killer? Ask Any Successful Millennial.

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If you’re paying attention to the epochal shift were sitting through right now, you’ll know that the so-called taboo on job hopping is exactly that: imaginary. At least, it is to anyone under 40 right now. Read more